The Power of Social Networking


The Power of Social Networking

Hi everyone for the first of a three part series on how to implement a better understanding of online resources. If you have always been told that you meet people online then congratulations you are one of the few billion people who may be using the resources available on the Internet. There are countless web pages, such as relevant forums, what you may not realise is the share of time between you and the person, along with information you may not have even realised is available online. These tasks could be connected to anything, but for this article I am going to focus on queries to find certain information quickly.

Many times in today’s society the use of computers and the Internet is not restricted to getting information, it is used in much more than trivial calculations. There are hundreds and thousands of issues to think about that remain on a massive screen and we don’t always have the expertise to seek them all. Most of us don’t have the time to do that. It is a fact that the Internet is a huge information network with loads and loads of information to choose from. So that means we must resort to systems where the Internet offers us the ability of reaching out to the right people.

We use the Internet for research and information gathering, we use it for our commerce and business and we use it for all of our favorite social activities. That leads us to what I think is one of the greatest aspects of the Internet. What I am talking about. Social networking. Firstly there is a system called Facebook which is a corporation owned by an American date-book company that has essentially reinvented the social network in a way that is extremely social and yet relatively private. It is now growing like wild fire and you may have as little as 35,000 friends. This is more than the population of planet Earth!

The side benefit is that you can create your own “preferred friend list” and this allows you to share information with the people on your list and even individuals that you have never met. Obviously you have difficulties doing that in the offline world but with the online languages, we speak get to get to know a certain person and not have to meet them. So if you are social and want to get to know certain people and their online friends then you should consider Facebook and what it will do for you.

Next, let’s talk about Twitter which is social network powered by the idea of having 140 letters and none of them are wasted (approx). It has created a new Golf’s day in the Internet world and is also very popular.

We have currently only four in the offline world but what has happened in the online world is immeasurable. It is now possible for us to find people we have never even heard of and this helped me to find an old friend of mine who I wasn’t even getting to know. Who in our hearts we know love to hound me from hundreds of thousands of miles away but I got to learn about them through Twitter and now I can make a decision on whether or not I want to buy from them, if not, then I can follow them on Twitter.

OK, I realize that I’ve gone on for a long time now but I should tell you how you can harness the power of social networking for market research. This technology is free and the most powerful type of marketing results come from the large networks of people who can interact and share information. There is a source of information that is still untapped but is within everyone’s reach.

This system is from a friend of mine who we found through Twitter and we were able to work together from a location in a remote area. The nice thing about it is that other people who are interested in the same thing want to connect. This process of sharing ideas and advice is a very powerful way to keep up to date with the changes that are occurring. When I was working in the airline business I found that I was still an employee and I was either five years past my retirement or I was driving a taxi. I had a very successful career but I was not very financially invested and that was a problem as I was facing them in the form of a low income business venture.

In the early days of online marketing most of them were about building a ‘list”, but today that’s a thing of the past because if you are consistent you can keep up with the latest updates and recall the people you were providing help with.

It is a great way of communicating and experienced marketers will admit it is much easier to sell to people on your ‘lists’, people that have already told you why and when they like the product and are happy for you to meet a similar person. Especially if they don’t have a AOL account and they are prepared to receive emails from your pitch page.

Remember there is a secret system out there for how Twitter works and you will be able to make an informed decision.


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